Our equine accommodations are designed and built to maximize comfort and safety for horses in transport. We provide a wide range of transports and trailers that are manufactured with the highest quality materials.

Our European-slant load gives horses the best possible ride. The horses’ hind end faces toward the front of the transport and their heads face away from passing traffic.This increases comfort and lessens the stress of travel. Our floor mats are thick and like cushions. The transport area is quiet and red lights allow the horses to rest while you check on them with on board cameras. The transport area is climate controlled to make the Equine Motorcoach an all season transport. The vent system can be controlled with a remote control. The hydraulic ramp encourages horses to enter the trailer. It does not move and the horses’ hooves do not make much sound on it.

We can add an additional Hay Pod that stores hay without adding any roof height.

Our Saddlematic 180 increases saddle storage and makes it easy to load and unload four to six saddles.