Equine Motorcoachâ„¢ manufactures a variety of transports based on these floor plans. The floor plans can be adapted to individual needs and wants. If we can engineer it, we can build it. To view a floorplan, simply click on the title of the model you want to view.

Equine Motorcoach

2-Horse Queen Bedroom
2-Horse Queen Bedroom and Inside Tack Room

Equine RV

Queen Bedroom, Bunk Beds, Laundry
Motorhome with Garage and Optional Slides

Equine Carriage Trailer

3-Horse, Tack Storage, Car Hauler (Aerial View)
3-Horse, Tack Storage, Car Hauler (Side View)

Equine Carriage High Boy Trailer

Equine Carriage 4-Horse Stacker Trailer