Equine Motorcoachâ„¢ is the one of a kind all-in-one RV and horse transport company. Made in the U.S.A. transports feature two, three, four, five, and six-horse configurations with fully loaded amenities on the interior and exterior. The interior has a spacious full bath, complete kitchen and multiple sleeping accommodations. The horse transport area has air ride suspension and European slant load configuration to provide our horses the best possible ride. The horse transport area is climate controlled with cameras and lighting.

The company also designs, engineers and manufactures a full line of Equine RVs, Equine Carriage horse trailers and Equine Carriage ST tow vehicles. Renegade Custom Coaches, Kibbi LLC and Equine Motorcoach LLC signed an exclusive agreement to manufacture the widely-known Equine Motorcoachâ„¢.  Equine Motorcoach LLC decided to move manufacturing to the U.S. after building a relationship with Kibbi LLC that included extensive engineering and design upgrades.

Equine Motorcoachâ„¢ service is built on personal attention from the company owners, ensuring the best pre- and post-sale experience. It is backed by the one of the United States’ largest independent RV dealer, Stinnett RV near Louisville, Kentucky.

We give horses a ride.

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