Equine Motorcoachâ„¢ continues the grand tradition of transporting horses and people in an all-in one vehicle.

Today our company has become one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of transports for horses and people.

Through our knowledge of and association with the hunting, show jumping, dressage, reining, cutting horse and the equestrian world, we have worked with our craftsmen and technicians to create a product range that is second to none and which will meet the needs of the most demanding rider.

That is combined with the most experienced personnel in the American RV marketplace. We are one of the largest independent RV dealer in the United States and have been providing RVers with a lifestyle that is second to none.

Furthermore we recognize the importance of personal and friendly service in working with our customers.

The Equine Motorcoachâ„¢ service provides buyers with personal attention from the company owners to smooth their pre-sales and after-sales experience, while maintenance issues are handled rapidly.

Equine Motorcoachâ„¢ is the one of a kind all-in-one RV and horse transport company. The 2013 U.S. version features four and six-horse configurations with fully loaded amenities on the interior and exterior. The interior has a spacious full bath, complete kitchen and multiple sleeping accommodations. The horse transport area has air ride suspension and European slant load configuration to provide our horses the best possible ride.

We give horses a ride.