2012 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach

FOR SALE $359,000.00

Horse lovers, take advantage of a rare pre-owned 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach that has not been used to its full potential and has many first class amenities.

You’ll have everything in one vehicle with the ability to tow 30,000 lbs. No more trucks and multiple trailers!

This amazing Equine Motorcoach has only travelled 35,700 Miles, and it can easily travel 500,00 miles! Learn more below, or call 512-612-1113 to speak to Ben! 

Take a look at some of the first class amenities!

Many more details available!

Contact Ben Yates at ben@equinemotorcoach.com or (502) 612-1113 today, as this Motorcoach will sell fast!

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