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An Equine Motorcoach is an all in one RV with living facilities together with horse hauling and storage facilities.

No! They are just like operating an RV with the same operations plus the additional easy to use controls for your horse area.

Our national Headquarters are located at Tom Stinnett’s Campers Inn RV in Louisville, Kentucky/Southern Indiana. Many customers fly in to take advantage of our red carpet service that includes airport transfers, food and beverage, a personal tour and a test drive and driving instructions of an Equine Motorcoach.

If you experience any problems at all, call our 24/7 support and we will find someone to help you. In all the years we’ve been in business, we have never left anyone stranded.

Yes there is a 2 year warranty on the build of the motorcoach and also on the individual appliances. If there is something that needs attending to after the 2 year period of the motorcoach build we attend to it as we want you to enjoy your Equine Motorcoach and tell many others about it.

It is very easy to learn to drive an Equine Motorcoach if you haven’t driven a RV previously plus we offer driver instruction lessons as well as we want you to be comfortable and confident out on the road.

It depends on the state you register your Equine Motorcoach in as it can be registered for personal use and driven on a normal license or you may need to do a driving test and written test like you did when you first obtained your car license. The Equine Motorcoach is easy to drive just like driving a big car.

An Equine Motorcoach can fit 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 horses with the number of horses dictating the amount of living space available. We build it to your specifications given the ability to engineer it for you.

A 2, 3 or 4 horse model can accommodate a separate permanent bedroom.

A 2 and 3 horse model can sleep as many as 7 people if required. 2 people in the separate bedroom, 1 person in the dinette area that converts to a single bed, 2 people on the sofa bed that converts into an air mattress and 2 people in the large queen size bunk above the drivers compartment that can extend out as far as 60” over the hood if required. A 4 horse model can sleep up to 5 people and a 5 and 6 horse model can also sleep up to 5 people. We also offer the added option of installing a A Frame chalet on top of your Equine Motorcoach that can be raised or lowered, accessible from inside the motorcoach and sleeps 3 kids easily.

An Equine Motorcoach can tow up to 40,000 lbs as it is a heavy duty Freightliner or similar chassis. Towing a car or a heavy trailer is no problem at all plus you have a camera at the rear of the motorcoach to watch your car and trailer as you are driving as well.

We are available anytime to answer your questions as we see this as a life time relationship. But don’t take our word for it ask our existing customers! 

  The largest Equine Motorcoach is the same size as a Class A Motorhome – 45 feet whereas there is also a smaller 36 feet Equine Motorcoach.

All types of horse people buy an Equine Motorcoach from Trail Riding, Showjumping, Reining, Cutting, Dressage, Eventing, Clydesdale showing, Barrell Racing, Rodeo, Thoroughbred Racing, Arabian horse riding and many more…

No we only sell our Equine Motorcoaches as for insurance purposes we do not rent out our motorcoaches.

The Equine Motorcoach concept was born from a trip to Europe to visit the Windsor Horse Show in 2007. In Europe these types of coaches are often referred to as horses boxes and lorries and are quite common.

No we do not transport customers horses we sell our Equine Motorcoaches so you or your friends or family can transport your own horses as you are most likely already doing.

There are tack boxes inside the manger which are accessible from outside the Equine Motorcoach and also storage bins along the passenger side as well. Saddles are stored at the inside rear of the motorcoach. There is also a hay lift within the ceiling of the horse area that lowers and raises by the push of a button.

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