The Equine Motorcoach

Carpet Experience

Here at Equine Motorcoach we believe we make your equestrian transport efforts seamless combining everything into one motorcoach with the comfort and convenience of having your living area in close proximity to your horses. We understand that much thought, effort and energy goes into the decision making process which is why we want to make the experience an easy one.

We have highly satisfied customers all over the country who not only enjoyed the benefits of our red carpet experience during the purchasing process but also enjoy the first class service we offer afterwards as we stand by you every step of the way on your equestrian journey. Purchasing from us is an enjoyable experience as ensuring the safety and comfort of your horses and your family is of upmost importance to us a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Prior to visiting with us we discuss in detail with you the precise requirements you need for your Equine Motorcoach so we design it specifically to your equestrian needs. Once designed for you we roll out the red carpet for your trip here to Louisville, Kentucky which includes:

And also on the day of taking delivery of your Equine Motorcoach here at our national facility we offer a full induction process with our master technician so you understand the key workings of your Equine Motorcoach.

We are with you every step of the way as we are only a phone call away if you have any questions as we want you to love your Equine Motorcoach as much as our other customers do! 

Plan your red carpet experience now!

Let us show you the advantages of an Equine Motorcoach in person.
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