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Equine Motorcoach manufactures a variety of transports and trailers for people and horses. The line is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.


Equine Motorcoach™ manufactures a variety of transports based on these floor plans ranging from 2 horse through to 6 horse models. The floor plans can be adapted to individual needs and wants with a number of upgrades or items available to be added.

Interested in buying an Equine Motorcoach?

Featured on Mega RV, Julie & Alyssa Phillips, hit the road in their Equine Motorcoach with their horses. Alyssa is one of the top three-day eventing prospects in the United States.

Equine Motorcoach is so sought after there is currently a 5 month waiting list.

Equine Rv

The Equine RV provides comfort & convenience for horse enthusiasts & tows up to 30,000 lbs.

2012 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach

Equine Motorcoach

The Equine Motorcoach™ is an all in one RV and horse transport that tows up to 40,000 lbs.

Equine Carriage

The Equine Carriage is a horse trailer and more; transports horses, a car, tack & supplies.

Equine Carriage ST

The Equine Carriage ST is a transport that is an RV and tow transport for horse trailers & RVs.

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