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We know traveling can be a stressful time for both horses and their owners that is why an all in one Equine Motorcoach solves so many of your pain points. No more numerous trucks, trailers and multiple drivers, no more rough trailer rides with your horses separate to your vehicle, no more anxious, stressed out horses upon arrival, no more morning and evening drives to the barn to check on your horses from your hotel now you have your home away from home. 

When you purchase an Equine Motorcoach, it comes with peace of mind no matter where you travel, nationwide, there is a 
service network available with truck and RV dealerships available for servicing, so no matter what happens along the way, you are protected. 

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Equine Motorcoach manufactures a variety of transports and RV horse trailer combos for people and horses. The line is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.


Equine Motorcoach™ manufactures a variety of horse trailer RVs based on these floor plans ranging from 2 horse through to 6 horse models. The floor plans can be adapted to individual needs and wants with a number of upgrades or items available to be added.

Equine Motorcoach Rearview

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for sale...but not for long

Pre-Owned Equine Motorcoaches

It is rare we have two great vehicles available at the same time, and we know they won’t stay around for long!

Explore the available pre-owned 2012 and 2013 Equine Motorcoaches below. 

2012 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach- exposure

2012 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach

FOR SALE $359,000.00

This pre-owned 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach has first class amenities and ONLY 35,700 miles! 

IMG_7606 2

2013 2 Horse Equine Motorcoach

FOR SALE $379,000.00

This 2 Horse Equine Motorcoach has a separate permanent bedroom with a closet slide out and ONLY 77,000 miles.

Featured on Mega RV, Julie & Alyssa Phillips, hit the road in their Equine Motorcoach with their horses. Alyssa is one of the top three-day eventing prospects in the United States.

Equine Motorcoach is so sought after people have already ordered for the Spring Riding Season

Equine Motorcoach Equine RV with Slide

Equine Rv

The Equine RV provides comfort & convenience for horse enthusiasts & tows up to 30,000 lbs.

2012 4 Horse Equine Motorcoach

Equine Motorcoach

The Equine Motorcoach™ is an all in one RV and horse transport that tows up to 40,000 lbs.

Equine Motorcoach Equine Carriage Exterior

Equine Carriage

The Equine Carriage is a horse trailer and more; transports horses, a car, tack & supplies.

Equine Carriage ST

The Equine Carriage ST is a transport that is an RV and tow transport for horse trailers & RVs.

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