Car Stacker Trailer with option of workshop/Motorbike/ATV Space 

Looking for a Car Stacker type trailer with the option of your very own workshop or space for Motorbikes or ATV’s at the front?

From Cars, to ATVs and everything in between this trailer can haul it from point A to point B and back again.

Wondering how else you could utilize this trailer? We have some ideas for you!

Have a lot of ‘toys’ that are hard to haul around?

From ATVs to motorcycles and bicycles, the Car Stacker Trailer can haul it for you, complete with your own workshop

Run a landscaping / lawn business, but need more room?

Use the Car Stacker trailer to store and haul all of your equipment to jobs.

Use it for camping.

We don’t mean sleeping in it! Think about all the gear that is used on a typical camping trip and the pain it is to fit it in your car. Use this trailer to haul everything you need with ease. We will never tell if you use it during a rain storm! 

Want to come see the car stacker trailer with option of workshop/Motorbike/ATV Space in person?
We would love to show it to you.
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