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“Wow, we never realized what peace of mind the Equine Motor Coach would provide.  We have always had a truck and trailer or motor home with tag alone trailer.  We are now able to carry horses, tow a car and still have comforts of home, everywhere we go.

Horses have comfort, as well, not just the air ride.  We love our mangers and most important climate control temperatures, in all zones. This is especially useful with varying degrees traveling to Texas and Canada as well as a relief knowing if you are stuck in traffic with 90- and 100-degree weather, you can keep horses comfortable and not have to unload on the highway. 

My wife says it is so much easier to load and unload for trips, and it is quick to set up when we arrive.  I can carry 2 horses, hay, feed, tack, Cricket cart, our own car and even my wife’s dog, is happy.   It is the all in one choice.  We use it as much for RV glamping as we do with horses. It is my own toy hauler and back patio looking over a creek.

The Equine Motor Coach is not like a class A diesel pusher with trailing tag. Of the several 45-foot high end diesel pushers we have had, they are more fragile, and you must be careful in varying environments.  The Equine Motor Coach with truck chassis is a dream. It is more stable, has more breaking power, and ability to tow 30,000 lbs.  It is a beast up Monteagle grade, where I am now able to maintain my speed. We don’t even feel the horses are on board.  The ease in checking cameras and the respect I get on the road is an absolute joy. 

The comfort is very satisfying with fresh water to last 4 or 5 days. The storage available, overhead, underneath and inside, create maximum value.  The outdoor TV provides hours of amusement, just relaxing.

Before the Equine Motor Coach, we always had to stop routinely for food and bathroom breaks. When stopping to rest, our concern was someone could drive off in the truck with trailer in tow.   We now can see everything from the coach and travel in comfort.  We can get from point A to point B more efficiently and have luxuries of home, creating a happy, enjoyable pleasant experience, where the horses and us are excited to load up for each trip. ”  

Hal and Donna H – South Carolina

We never knew when we purchased the Equine Motor Coach that we would be as pleased as we have been with it. We use it regularly to attend Dressage competitions from Baltimore to Wellington. The quality of the living quarters and the design of the horse compartment are superb. We live in it for three months in the winter in Wellington and love having it right next to the horses barn. It makes caring for them much more convenient not to mention the savings of thousands in hotel expense we have spent before we purchased the Motor Coach.

If you’re a serious horse competition person you will never spend money on anything you will enjoy more.

Howard and Lisa S – Alabama

Equine Motorcoach - Equine Specs - Hero Header

There are so many reasons that I love my Equine Motorcoach, but the main reason is that it has eliminated all the things that always frustrated me when I used to haul a big horse living quarters trailer. 

Mike T – Texas

Equine Motorcoach revolutionized the traditional “horse trailer,” combining luxury and functionality. We purchased an Equine Motorcoach and loved it so much that we returned several years later to design our very own. Their extensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with attention to detail, make for a great product in concept and reality.
Don and Debbi H – California

We have had our Equine Motorcoach for more than 7 years now.  In fact we loved it so much that we purchased another one 2 years ago which we were able to build custom to our needs. We horse show around the country and love the convenience of having the horses travel with us. When we aren’t shipping horses we use that space for our toys such as motorcycles, bikes or our golf cart. One of the best parts of our motorcoach has been dealing with Equine Motorcoach. They have proved to us countless times that they care and always go the extra mile when we need something. It’s hard to find companies that provide that kind of service these days.

Thanks again for everything,

Angie P – Missouri

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