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Equine Motorcoach’s time on Mega RV

It was such an honor to be featured on Mega RV! We like to dream right along with those people as well. Take a look at the episode in which Equine Motorcoach was featured! It is always fun to help people try to accomplish their dream of heading to the Olympics and beyond!

Alyssa Phillips dreamed of competing in the Olympics as a competitive horse rider. However, in order to do that, she had to do lots of traveling.

Together with her mom Julie Phillips, they traveled the country in their mega RV- equipped with plenty of horsepower. 600 horsepower to be exact.

But with all of that power they did not sacrifice luxury. “You’re traveling a lot… it’s like having your home with you when you’re away from home” said Julie on the TV Program “Mega RV”, which she and her daughter were both featured on.

Julie says, “I traveled 16 hours and it didn’t even feel like it because I was asleep on the bed.” The young, competitive horse rider needed her rest to be a champion, and the RV made that easy for her.

The 420 square foot interior of their Freightliner is equipped with leather furniture, a full kitchen with a large fridge, and not one, but 3 televisions. There is room for 6 people to sleep comfortably in the front of the interior, along with all of the luggage of several young female riders.

And in the back, 2 full size horses fit comfortably in the trailer. The back trailer features a secure, nonslip, hydraulic ramp for easy loading and unloading of the horses. Not only that but the horse trailer is even equipped with infrared cameras, too make sure the horses are relaxed at all times, to ensure they can compete well.

This Freightliner is just what the mother and daughter needed for easy travels around the country, so Alyssa could ride to the top. 

To find out about the entire product line that Equine Motorcoach has, take a look at our floorplans.

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