what makes the equine motor coach safer than traditional horse trailers

Why an Equine MotorCoach is considered safer than a traditional horse trailer.

There are many things that horse lovers don’t always agree on. From breed preference to the brand of tack that is best the differences can go on and on.

However, the topic that is universally agreed upon is the importance of horse safety. For many, when horse safety is mentioned, transporting horses becomes the focus. 

Equine Motorcoach models are built on heavy duty top of the line truck chassis’s such as a Freightliner Cascadia that are super sturdy, solid and ensure a safer ride for your horses given the elevation off the ground on a full air ride system allowing horses to feel the pot holes and rough roads much less. Also as the horses ride above the twin axle rear axles it presents unrivaled sturdiness and stability for your horses as you travel down the road.

The horses that we are transporting are like family members and in the same way that we take a look at the vehicles we are purchasing from a safety standpoint, we should also consider safety when the time comes to purchase a way to transport our equine companions. 

At Equine Motorcoach we offer both reverse slant and traditional load configurations in our motorcoach line up with reverse load often being the customers preference. Below are some reasons why we feel that offering a slant load trailer is the better option:

Slant Load Trailer Advantages: 

  • In reverse load configuration your horse has the ability to absorb any sudden movement in its hind legs as opposed to falling forward and putting unnecessary strain on their front legs.
  • Your horses in a reverse slant configuration are facing away from diesel trucks and fumes and looking at landscape when traveling so arrived refreshed and relaxed.
  • More horses can fit in a shorter length trailer, making it possible to haul more horses in a shorter trailer.
  • Since the dividers are pushed to the sides and the rear entrance is spacious, it looks more inviting than a straight load; consequently, horses are usually easier to load
  • Horse can be turned around and led out head first
  • Removable dividers make the trailer easier to customize to your needs

Straight Load Trailer Advantages: 

  • Open from ceiling to floor, the walk-through trailer is sometimes referred to as a “Thoroughbred” trailer because it is considered tall at 7 feet (newer models are even taller). Traditionally people feel that straight load trailers can be on the narrow side (5 – 5 ½’ ). The industry has improved design and now today’s models reflect the current concern for comfort and safety by offering 6’ as the standard for the interior width and added dimensions as options.  As a note, Equine Motorcoach floor to ceiling height is 92.”
  • Equipped with a breast or chest bar to keep the horse from going through the walk-out door
  • Open appearance to helps with feelings of claustrophobia
  • Unencumbered space permits a horse to brace himself with his front legs while enabling him to lower his head in order to clear his respiratory tract should he need to

When you purchase from Equine Motor Coach, your peace of mind increases because of the horse view cameras. With the touch of a button, you can check in on your horses.

We invite you to get into contact with us to learn even more about the ways Equine Motor Coach can add comfort and safety to the next journey that you venture out on. If you are ready to take a step further, we’d be glad to provide you with a no obligation quote.

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